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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClickSHIFT?

ClickSHIFT makes it easy for you to match your required delivery with vetted and reliable couriers. It's free to join and use.

Our system is designed to be fair, quick and supply you with all the tools you need to make your delivery as smooth and trouble free as possible.

We also take privacy very seriously, so all our listings are private and only our courier members have access to your listings.

ClickSHIFT courier members are independent owner drivers or private transport companies who are dedicated in providing a quality and reliable service.

How does ClickSHIFT work?

1. Tell us what you want delivering.

2. Set your maximum price and list your delivery.

3. A fully vetted professional Courier will offer lower than your (hidden) maximum price and be provisionally booked.

4. We send you an Email/SMS to notify you. Then finalise with the courier direct.

5. Before the courier collects, write the 3 letter code on the item being collected (or pass it to the collection point).

5. The courier will take care of the rest!

You can manage your Deliveries from your DashBoard.

Where can I SHIFT to?

Goods may be collected and delivered anywhere in the UK with a valid postcode or address.

What does it cost me to SHIFT my stuff?

You are in full control of the price. Enter your maximum budget when listing your delivery, then a ClickSHIFT Courier Member makes an offer below your hidden maximum price.

How do I pay?

When a courier is matched with your delivery request, he will call you on the number you provided when listing.

We also display the contact details of the courier so you to clarify and pay the courier direct.

How do I list a delivery?

Listing a job is fast and easy! All you need is the following information.

1. Enter collection and delivery address with a good description of the item/s to be moved.

2. Set your collection Time and Date

3. Set your delivery Time and Date

4. Set a budget you don't want to go over.

5. Submit your listing for our Courier Members to make an offer below your maximum price. Higher prices will be rejected.

Setting my budget.

From the details you provide when listing a delivery, you are shown our unique "Price Guide" range.

This will give you an insight to an ideal price that will enable a quick acceptance from our Courier members.

Please note our “price guide” range is estimated based on details you provide. You may set a budget as low as £20.

Are my goods insured?

Yes. All of our Couriers are covered and have Goods in Transit Insurance up to a maximum of £10,000+.

If your item is a higher value, then note it in the description of the job when listing.

Do I have to wait in all day?

With Collection You Choose the date and time. Alternatively you may choose a range of days and time slots to suit.

With Delivery you can allow the courier to arrange the delivery for you by contacting the Delivery point or choose a date range.

Fully flexible and convenient to you!

You may of course re-arrange times and dates direct with the courier as required.

Can I relist for Free?

Listing a delivery is free and You can easily edit and relist a delivery for free too.

Maybe your budget was too low? Simply increase your budget and Re-list.

Maybe try a different collection and delivery time slot or improve your description. All without being charged a penny.

Can I end a listed delivery?

Yes You can!

Listings can be ended at any time. The system automatically unlists your delivery when the collection date / time slot has passed. You may then re-list for free.


No. However, you can request the goods are returned to the collection point.

Once the Job has been Collected no Cancellation is available.

Do you show me proofs of collection & delivery?

ClickSHIFT send you emails the instant your goods have been collected or delivered.

You can view proofs of collection and delivery in the dashboard. You are able to view time stamp, signatures, names and photographs. All recorded the moment it happens, so you are never in doubt.

Do you provide a delivery label?

We provide a collection code like "AFH" which is shown on the listing details page.

Simply attach / write the collection code on your item/s ready for collection.

Are there any hidden fees?


The price you pay for each delivery is equal, or more often lower than the budget you set when listing. You pay the courier direct.

ClickSHIFT is totally free to use.

No monthly charges.

No listing fee.

No Deposit.

Are my listings private?

Yes. Only ClickSHIFT approved couriers can view your listing, not the whole world like other services.

Do you have a minimum price?

Yes. The minumum budget you can set for a delivery is £20.

Do you have restrictions on what can be delivered?

We have very few restrictions.

Couriers decide if they are able to deliver your item/s based on the description. For instance, chemicals, radioactive or other hazardous substances. The courier would only accept the job if he is licensed to do so or has the legal means to transport them.

Please include any relevant information or special requirements in the description box when listing your delivery.